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LumiFacial and LumiLift

LumiFacial (photo facial) and LumiLift

Soli-Tone, offers two distinct facial treatment, LumiFacial LED Light Therapy and LumiLift Photo Rejuvenation. These two facials address a broad range of skin challenges and speed the recovery of aging skin by promoting cellular rejuvenation from within. The treatments use three proven technologies:HF( High Frequency) Polarized current, Mirco-current, and LED Light Therapy to produce a non-invasive total facial rejuvenation.


This technology were first inspired by a NASA discovery using LED light Therapy to speed the healing of wounds in outer space.

LumiFacial LED Light Therapy and LumiLift Photo Rejuvenation, as seen on Oprah and The Today Show, tighten the skin by strengthening sagging facial muscles. They improve firmness and fine lines by increasing collagen and elastin. The treatments aid in healing and eliminating various skin conditions in all three layers of the skin, the Epidermis, Dermis and Muscular layer.


It is within these three advanced technologies that Beyond Beaute is about to provide one of the most advance non-invasive face rejuvenation avaliable. It is in the recovery of aging that the treatments prove most effective. Restoring the facial contour and reversing the aging possess. Even more, you will be able to see an amazing difference after only one of these treatments.

LumiFacial LED Light Theraphy


How does it work?
The LumiFacial LED Light Therapy consists of four pre programmed treatments for acne, pigmentation and sun damage, anti-aging and rosacea or redness. Each program uses frequencies and wavelengths from four different visible light spectrum to reach the layer where the damaged skin cells lie. The cells are re-energized and repaired. This activity stimulates rapid cellular turnover, smoothing and renewing the skin surface.

It is within these three advance


What are their Benefits?
Blue light is the shortest wave used. It reaches down into the skin's pores to regulate and calm the oil glands, improving acne prone skin.

Green light is a longer wave reaching down to normalize the glands that regulate the coloring of the skin. This effect can decrease dark pigmentation spots, creating an even tone on the the surface. It also reduces redness due to chemical irritation.

Yellow light extends down through the epidermis layer to reach the tiny blood vessels and lymph system. It is known for detoxifying the skin by stimulating blood circulation, thereby increasing the healing and health of the skin.

Red light is the longest wave, triggering repair through out all layers of the skin. It is known to hav a positive effect on the production of collagen and elastin, greatly improving hydration, firmness, and elasticity of the skin.

What should I expect during the service?
Depending on your skin condition and the results you are looking for, your esthetician will choose the appropriate program. After cleansing of the skin, your eyes will be covered for comfort and a panel of LED lights will be placed over the area to be treated.(face, hands, or chest and neck area.) The gentle healing energy from the lights are so relaxing you may fall asleep. The service takes about 30 minutes. Some clients notice a change in their skin immediately. There is no down time. 

How many treatments should I have?
The LumiFacial LED Light Therapy is known to resolve skin conditions such as sun damage with fine lines or wrinkles; hyper-pigmentation, loss of collagen or elasticity, roscea, and acne. Your skin's condition, along with your lifestyle and age will determine the number of corrective services needed. Although you will notice a change after the first treatment, most clients achieve their expected results after coming in twice a week for 6 to 10 treatments. The skin takes on a smooth, refined texture, with an amazingly youthful glow. 

LumiLift Photo Rejuenation Service

How does it work and what should I feel?
LumiLift Photo Rejuvenation is a one of a kind age renewal procedure combining three technologies that take muscle toning, lifting and product infusing to another level. One facial treatment that address aging in a three levels: epidermis, dermis, and facial muscles.


An application of a conducting gel is applied to the face and neck. A Micro-current electrode is utilized to increase lymphatic flow, removing excess fluids and toxins while stimulating muscle tissue. Because this current is balanced in harmony with the bodies own bio-electrical currents found in the body, they are able to reconstruct the facial muscle to tighten or stretching as needed to restore the muscle tissue. This firms and renews facial contour to reversing the aging process of the face and neck. During this 30 minute treatment, pulsating red LED light triggers repair through out all the layers of the skin, increasing production of collagen and elastin five times over. This light is safer than sunlight. .Hydration and elasticity of the skin are restored..


To recondition the surface skin, a soothing massage is given using two smoothning iron shaped electrodes which emit, HF Polarized currents. The current gently infuses a cool, anti-aging, antioxidant gel deep within the skin while firming and tightening the skin. 

What should I expect after the service?
Clients immediately notice a major difference in the firmness and smooth texture of their skin. You can return to your normal activities.


How many treatments should I have?
Again, this depends on your age, condition of your skin, and the desired results. The treatments are cumulative. Most treatments are done in a series, twice a week for 3 to 5 weeks.

How long will the effects last?

One treatment can create positive cellular changes and continue to improve the skin for 3 months. Consecutive Photo energy stimulation is powerful. The more the skin is stimulated by photo energy, the more youthful the skin becomes, quickly replacing old collagen with new. The treatments are cumulative, and when done in a series one can continue to see positive results for up to a year, depending on your lifestyle. For continuous improvement, monthly maintenance is suggested following a series, along with the use of good home care products suggested by your technician.


Are there any other services that would enhance and lengthen results?

Yes. Exfoliation is still the number one service recommended to promote healthy skin. Skin cell turn over slows down greatly after 30 years f age. Actively removing dead cells, whether it is with facial peels or Micro-dermabrasion, improves the skin's ability to absorb active ingredients and increases the effectiveness of your facial treatment.

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