Secret Body Las Vegas Receives CoolSculpting’s Prestigious Diamond Crystal Award

There are only a handful of Diamond Crystal Level Practices in the United States.Diamond Crystal Level the highest designation that CoolSculpting gives to any practice.

Secret Body Las Vegas Medical Spa, Las Vegas, NV, today was recognized as a Diamond Certified Practice in the FDA-cleared CoolSculpting procedure designed to non-surgically reduce unwanted fat through freezing.

The medical practice qualified as a Diamond Crystal Practice, which is the highest level in Crystal Rewards®, a multi-tiered customer rewards program recognizing the most successful practices within the elite network of CoolSculpting Centers.

Our office has two CoolSculpting systems, so we can meet the ever-growing patient demand for this procedure.

The CoolSculpting procedure, which is a non-surgical procedure with no downtime, was developed by Harvard scientists and is based on the science of Cryolipolysis®, a process demonstrating that when fat cells are exposed to extreme cold, they die and are eliminated naturally from the body. Fat cells treated and eliminated by the procedure are gone for good, and patients can expect long-lasting results.

Secret Body Las Vegas is unique because it only offers non-surgical services. The staff is all Coolsculpting Certified in addition a certified Coolsculpting Practice and staff are known for customizing each treatment plan to address the individual patient's concerns and desired outcome. For more information and to view before and after photos, visit Secret Body Las Vegas

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Disclaimer:*With all treatments that Secret Body Las Vegas's Medical Spa offers Individual results may vary with different patient experiences.

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